Social Skills Groups

This inclusive social skills group focus on teaching a variety of social skills to help improve friendship making skills, develop more self-confidence and behave more appropriately. Role playing, group interaction and cooperative play will give children opportunity to practice these skills during the group session.

Who can benefit from our Social Skills group

Experience shyness
Social anxiety
Difficulty reading social cues
Difficulty Communicate their feeling
Difficulty Understanding feelings of others
Difficulty making and keeping friends
Experience low self esteem
Difficulty in sharing and taking turns through play
Being bullied
Children who diagnosed with ADHD
Children who diagnosed with learning disability
Children who diagnosed with high function Autism

Group Information

More Info

Children are grouped by age and developmental level

Group Session

The group meet once a week for 45 mintues each session

Small Group

Up to 6 kids in a group ages between 3 to 17 years old

Parent meeting is required at the initial and final sessions to provide feedback and recommendations


After submission of the registration form, an email will be sent out with the Social Skill Group’ agreement for review and signature to secure your placement in the groups.

788-0445 (201)


300 Knickerbocker Rd

Cresskill, NJ 07626